reality is ovrrated.

About us

Slipgate Studios® is a company founded in Las Vegas, NV in June 2015. They focus on developing software content for all Virtual Reality platforms, such as: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR, PlayStation VR, and mobile phones.

Our team works hard and are well seasoned within their practice. They have accomplished big projects, within a short amount of time with big name companies. Slipgate Studios® is also working on other products that are close to being published that enhance VR experiences for all major platforms. The team is very passionate about education and how VR can make a difference in the future generations to come. Keep visiting our page to stay up to date and see where our vision takes you.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is our bread & butter. We focus on all platforms and build experiences of all genres.

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The creatives are the cherry on top and they make sure that we create our projects to be easily accessible and easy to understand without complications.

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We take pride in putting in the effort to make content that has not been created, while mainting quality products for our users experiences.

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3D Design | Animations

Our team of 3D designers and animators are top tier. They understand the market on creating fresh and leading models and animations.

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The dev team has mastered the Unity framework and C# is what they eat for breakfast, they are the cooks in the kitchen cooking the secret sauce.

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Virtual reality is about taking you away from reality, creating a new world you cannot see but only dream of. Slipgate Studios® is passionate about making these experiences come to life.


Final Rest

Avaliable now for HTC Vive.
Coming soon to Viveport, Oculus and Samsung GearVR.

Have you ever faced your fears? Now you can in Final Rest. This is an experience that tests your fears while you are undergoing surgery. You will experience the story of the butcher who used to roam the halls of the asylum, now turned hospital and view what he has done to his victims first hand.

This experience was created with the idea of using props creating the 3d experience into a 4d experience. It allows a party host to scare the guest, while they are facing some of the many phobias people have giving the guest an unexpected surprise. Upload and share your videos on social media with the hashtag #FinalRestVR and win some prizes.


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The Team

Meet the crew behind the goggles.

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Alex State

Co-founder | Developer

Since the late 1980s, Alex has been reading books and using computer software to create virtual reality experiences. He even started the very first true cyber-cafe in Las Vegas in late 1996. His expertise lies within the programming world, which he has been developing for 35+ years creating software from small start up companies to large corporate industries. In his free time he likes to go explore Virtual Reality worlds, fly drones, and experience the outdoors.

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Chris Widlowski

Co-founder | Creative

A creative and passionate design fanatic, born in the beautiful city of San Diego and raised in the electric city of Las Vegas. With his passion being an entrepreneur, techy and designer, Chris brings his experience developing and launching a few tech start-ups from the ground up. On his free time he likes to train and fight in the sport of Muay Thai, travel, volunteer, seek adventure, and spend time with his family and friends.

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Kyle Mayne

3D Designer & Animator

Primarily a 3D design artist with seven years of freelance experience, Kyle has a broad spectrum of knowledge covering foundations in technology and product design. When working with technology companies, Kyle has always exceeded expectations. Combining 3D printing with his electronic engineering experience, Kyle has a vision of creating products that “change the world.”